Friday, May 23, 2008

Yarns for Bonnie Babies

A swapper asked if there are any no-go yarns for items for the UK/European charity 'Bonnie Babies'. Their response is simply 'no mohair type yarns'. I think this is because mohair moults and therefore presents a choking hazard. They accept and use items made from any other yarns.
They are looking specifically for donations of any baby clothes in very small and preemie sizes, baby blankets (at least 18" square), and hats, etc...

Anyone who is interested in donating items other than knits may like to visit the website (linked in the sidebar here) where details are given of what they are looking for as well as the knits we are hoping to provide. E.g. they accept donations of raw materials for knitting and sewing baby items. This includes ribbons, buttons, yarn, and wedding dresses (which provide good fabrics for burial gowns - sadly much-needed items).

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Pren said...

e a question about SPEW. i am trying to use up a bunch of yarn bits befoer i move (in two measley weeks) i have enough to make a few premie hats for sure and would love to do something like this. are we supposed to send SPEW items to you or to the charity directly? if we send them to you do we tell you which charity wed like them to go to or do you decide. thanks for the help.
first year gryffindor- prendolyn